CRM - Consultancy Software

Simple and Easy to use Software to maintain your day to day life paper less. Access your software from anywhere using Internet.

Secure Login, Automatic Daily data backup & weekly Email data backup facility.

Easy Search with Name | Email | Mobile options to find in Leads, Enquiry or Registration.

Awesome features


Basic all details of interested candidate. Essentially manage them and follow them up till, it will be qualify to prospective customers.


Any walk in candicate, who filled up the form, are considered as positive prospects.


Candidate's Admission, Education and Visa tracking, who enrolled for consultancy services.

More features

Generate Reports for Quarterly, Yearly, any specific duration. Promotional & Transactional Emails / SMS to sepcific to last week enrolled candidates. Export to Excel facility to easily grab data from system.

SMS & Email Log to check status of promotional | transactional activity.

My Store is the place where to keep your important files for tracking.

SMS / Email
My Store


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